Hranec Corporations
Steven Hranec President / CEO

Brand New for 2021 Hranec Mfg. Curb & Rail Fabrication Shop

Build with the Corp.

Building with the Corp. is the branding identity, relating Hranec Corporation to achieving the vision that the customer foresees upon completion of their project.  So build with the Corp. for your next Mechanical / Plumbing Project, HVAC Service Work, Ductwork Cleaning Services, Steel Fabricating, Ductwork Manufacturing and Roof Curb Manufacturing. 

Hranec Mechanical Corporations’ central offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh Pa.  Quality and expedited craftsmanship is always at the forefront of the company’s operations.   While maintaining craftsmanship and deadlines rest assured Hranec Corp. doesn’t sideline safety.  Hranec Corp. keeps an impeccable safety record as their MOD rating shows the results.   (2017 MOD = 0.709),  (2018 MOD = 0.669),  (2019 MOD = 0.653),  (2020 MOD = 0.664) and for (2021 MOD = 0.675) scoring in the top 20 for safety year after year.  

Founder Steven Hranec’s vision in the early 2000’s was to gear the company toward unparalleled mechanical installations. This paved the way for achieving the fastest ductwork turnaround times in the industry, for which the company is widely recognized.

This commitment led Hranec Mechanical Corporation in 2008 to erect a state-of-the-art ductwork fabrication shop, which fabricates quality ductwork not only for its own construction projects but for supply houses and contractors located primarily in the northeastern portion of the United States. 

In 2015, Hranec Mechanical Corporation branched out into the Commercial Mechanical HVAC Service Field, providing 24-hour H.V.A.C. Emergency Service and Preventive Maintenance Contracts. In addition the H.V.A.C Service Department now offers Residential, Commercial and Industrial Ductwork Cleaning Services. The companies Ductwork Cleaning Technicians are NADCA Certified and are trained to handle any size project.

The year 2021 brought the opening of a 40,000 square-foot Roof Curb and Equipment Rail Fabrication Shop. The Roof Curb Fabrication Shop design enables the fastest lead times in the industry for Roof Curb and Equipment Rail Manufacturing. 

Hranec Corporations future goals for the Mechanical Contracting side include raising the bar on per-fabrication work which will significantly improve scheduling durations.  While the Manufacturing Divisions focuses to continued improvements on lead times, developing seal tight outdoor ductwork installation systems and modifying the roof pipe and VRF support systems (AKA Mighty Mount), with a brand new multi-function support mount.