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Hranec Curbs and Equipment Rail Manufactuers

Roof Curbs and Curb Adapters

Chosen for exceptional lead time, Hranec is appreciated for our quality and pricing.  Union made roof curbs, in stock or custom made.  We palletize and ship anywhere in the US.  Learn more on our Roof Curbs page or our Curb Adapters page. 

Equipment Rails

18 gauge galvanized, fully welded, or optional aluminum construction. Hranec's prefabricated equipment rails provide a uniform mounting pedestal for condensers, blowers, and other roof mounted equipment.  Learn more on our Equipment Rails page.

Roof Ports

Leak proof and weather-tight Roof Ports: the answer to routing pipes through a roof.  Hranec Roof Ports provide maintenance free, permanent installation.  Shipment available anywhere in the US.  Visit our Roof Ports page to learn more.

Now stocking standard size roof curbs and equipment rails • Roof ports ship next day

Hranec Curbs

Union Roof Curbs and Equipment Rails Manufacturer

Roof Curbs in ProductionStarting with exceptional lead time, we'll give you three reasons to call Hranec today:

  • Lead Time.  Where other manufacturers may have two week lead times, Hranec often starts production on your P.O. within 1 hour.
  • Quality & Price.  Hranec's union quality production and competitive pricing are an unbeatable combination.
  • To Your Specs.  Custom manufacture to your specification, including stocking programs available. 

Roof Curbs in ProductionWhether you've waited to the last minute or you're just on a tight schedule, Hranec is the place to call for quick response. 

By investing in cutting-edge fabrication and running multiple shifts, we deliver all your roof curb needs and more.

  • Roof Curbs, including Fan Curbs, Pitched Roof Curbs, and RTU Curbs.
  • Curb Adapters.  Custom made adapters for new HVAC roof installations.
  • Equipment Rails, including straight rail, canted rails, and raised canted rail.
  • Roof Ports.  Durable construction and protective rubber caps for weather-tight installation.


Visit our Submittals page to download submittals on roof curbs and equipment rails. 

Need your order yesterday?  At Hranec, we understand that better than most.  It’s why we’ve invested in 21st Century design systems and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities: to meet your roof curb and equipment rail needs ahead of the competition.

Hranec Spiral and Oval Manufacturers

Hranec is also capable of meeting all of your HVAC ductwork needs, including spiral and oval HVAC duct, PVC ductwork, and traditional square and rectangular duct.  Visit us at www.Hranec.com to learn more.

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