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About Hranec

Hranec S.M.I. is a manufacturer of roof curbs, equipment rails, curb adapters, and more.  We also serve the HVAC duct industry with exceptional spiral, rectangular, and PVC duct.  Learn more on our sister website: www.Hranec.com.

Located in Uniontown, PA, we are less than an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh.  Hranec is proud to be a yellow label union manufacturer of sheet metal products.

Hranic Manufacturing Facility 

Our modern, 100,000 square foot fabrication shop provides our experienced draftsmen and fabrication teams with state-of-the-art software and manufacturing capabilities.  In fact, our dedication to staying ahead of the curve allows us to:

  • Provide quick, efficient quotes.
  • Offer exceptional lead times and quick ship orders.
  • Provide competitive prices for roof curbs, curb adapters, and equipment rails.
  • Orders palletized and shipped anywhere in the US.
  • Offer customer service that listens to you and puts your needs first.

Why Choose Hranec S.M.I.?

Hranec's trucks at loading docks.These days, lead time on product orders is critical.  Projects are timed to the minute and priced to the penny.

At Hranec, we are positioned to serve this tough market better than most.  On many projects, we can begin production of your roof curbs and equipment rails within one hour of approving your Purchase Order. 

Our Union employees build American quality into each piece, and our high-tech facility and production line make us competitive on pricing.

Finally, you'll love our customer service and dealing with Hranec's experienced staff.  We strive for hassle free service and to meet your needs effectively, first time and every time.
At Hranec, S.M.I., you’ll appreciate our dedication to the success of your project.  We listen to you, taking the time to get “the big picture” and to make sure the services we provide are the services that meet your needs.
Contact Hranec S.M.I. today for a fresh approach. 

Service Area

Hranec Curbs provides quality roof curbs, fan curbs, pitched roof curbs, RTU curbs, curb adapters, and equipment rails nationwide. With fabrication facilities located in the Pittsburgh region, Hranec services roof curb needs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and across the nation. No matter your location, Hranec’s dedication to providing the best lead-time, best price, and best service will win you over.  Contact Hranec today to learn how.

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