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Roof Curbs & Equipment Rails

Select a link below to download the Submittals PDF file of your choice.  Complete your form, save it to your computer, then print and FAX to 724-437-2233.

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Roof Curb Submittals

SubmittalsFan Curbs (PDF)

Pitched Roof Curbs (PDF)

RTU Curbs (PDF)

Lint Tray Curbs (PDF)

Sound Baffle Curbs (PDF)

Sound Curb with Tray (PDF)

Curb Adapters

Curb Adapters (PDF)

Equipment Rails

Equipment Rails (PDF)

Roof Ports

Roof Ports (PDF) 

Hranec CatalogDownload Hranec's Catalog. 

Download our Catalog today (PDF)

Roof Curbs and Equipment Rails can be found on pages 1-4.  Hranec is also your supplier for HVAC duct, including Spiral, Oval, Rectangular, Square, and PVC duct. 

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Hranec Curbs provides quality roof curbs, fan curbs, pitched roof curbs, RTU curbs, curb adapters, and equipment rails nationwide. With fabrication facilities located in the Pittsburgh region, Hranec services roof curb needs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and across the nation. No matter your location, Hranec’s dedication to providing the best lead-time, best price, and best service will win you over. 

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